Tips for Kids to Safe Diwali Celebrations With Fireworks

Billabong school thane

Diwali is INDEED the most awaited festival of the year. It is the festival of lights. Love, new clothes, and lights all over. Children await this festival more because of fireworks and sweets. This festival along with happiness and togetherness brings sometimes the fear of being burnt because of crackers.

But this Diwali make your Diwali tension free and yet sparkling. Diwali is that festival which is celebrated by everybody with lots of happiness and together ness. But burns and mishaps which are caused due to crackers makes things worse and take away the happiness of many families.

So this Diwali do not let anything ruin your celebration. Do not let any mis happening happen to your child or anybody on the house. You can save your day by adhering to some simple steps.

1.       Try using crackers which do not explode massively

2.       Do not leave children with crackers.

3.       Ensure that there is considerable distance between you and crackers.

4.       Learn first to handle them properly and accurately and then burn them

5.       Don’t leave children with crackers unattended.

6.       Make sure they don’t wear silk or nylon clothes

7.       Everyone should wear closed shoes while with crackers.

Billabong high international school thane in its teaching ensures that they teach the children well and train them well about how to stay safe and happy during Diwali. This Diwali ensure that your Diwali brings only happiness and not any injuries or mishaps. It is the best pre-school in thane which spreads awareness and happiness on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Keep your children safe, take the safety measures and be happy.


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